Alloy 718, also known by the trade name Inconel 718, is a precipitation hardened nickel-chromium alloy. Renowned for its exceptional combination of corrosion and high temperature resistance. With additions of niobium, molybdenum, aluminum and titanium, this alloy stands out for its versatility and reliability in extreme conditions.

Chemical composition and Properties

The chemical composition of Alloy 718 is designed to offer superior performance, with percentage limits of Nickel between 50.00% and 55.00%, Chromium from 17.00% to 21.00%, and Nb from 4.75%. at 5.50%. This composition gives the alloy a density of 8.19 g/cm³ and a melting point between 1260 and 1336 °C.

Technical Application

Alloy 718 finds use in a variety of industries, including aerospace, where it is used for gas turbine components such as compressor blades, discs and shafts, thanks to its resistance to creep up to 700°C. In the oil and gas industry, the alloy is optimized to resist stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement, making it ideal for pumps, valves and other critical components.


Alloy 718 Round Bars offer numerous advantages: – High mechanical strength: With a minimum yield strength of 1034 MPa and a minimum tensile strength of 1275 MPa at room temperature. – Excellent weldability: The alloy is easily workable and has low welding crackability. – Corrosion resistance: The alloy maintains its properties even in aggressive environments. Alloy 718 is an excellent choice for applications requiring high-quality materials capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Its resilience and toughness make it a special construction material, suitable to withstand high loads and resist fatigue.

Arriving in stock at our warehouse in Santena, Turin, a wide range of diameters for round bars in ALLOY 718 API 6A. We have also the possibility of supplying round bars according to AMS and in addition other nickel alloys such as ALLOY 625

We hope this article provides a clear and useful overview of Alloy 718 and its many benefits. For further information and requests for quotes, do not hesitate to contact our sales office, always at your disposal


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